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498 32 Road, Clifton, CO 81520, US


Celestial Rose Bed & Breakfast

Welcome to the Celestial Rose Bed & Breakfast Hidden Jewel of the Valley

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A little more about who we are.  Celestial Rose is our baby.  Yes I know that sounds cliché but it truly is.  Not only is it our business but it is our home as well.  My husband Tito, Our littles and I are your humble host and would like to welcome you to our little slice of YAY!!!!  Our home is on the National Historic register and has and amazing history .  That being said she is an old girl in a neighborhood that grew up around her. With 1/3 of an acre remaining from the original 648 acres we are working on restoring this beautiful home.  Though a lot of her has been updated as a guest please be mindul that the pipes are old and that yes you have to share space.

***KIDS- we have 2 little ones that live and work with us in our bed & breakfast.  Both of our children are financially vested partners and do what they can to help ( when they want to that is:)) They can be loud and rambunctious but they are also sweet and kind.  Happily the house is so well built you will probably rarely hear them. If you have littles of your own they are welcome as well. If you don't like kids please know this is probably not the place for you.  We won't get rid of them . We think they are cute and resemble us! Though we would love you to stay with us we don't want you to have a bad time.  

****Pets are welcome with a deposit per furry friend that joins you. We love our pets we know you do too.  If your travels with you let us know so we can prepare a place for them to be just as comfortable as you.  

Articles- Our Co-owner & Chef Tronette Alexander has lived in the Grand Valley for just over 4 years.  With in her time here she has had the distinguished honor of being written about in the March 2015 issue of the Grand Valley Magazine.  As well as the Palisade news for her work as a Demo Chef & Pastry Chef of Wine Country Inn. She was featured more than once for Wine Fest, Peach Fest, & the Honey Bee Fest. Please see Links below for article links. Her tasty bits of magic truly bring a little bit of yumminess to our everyday world!

 Grand Valley Magazine


Peach Town News-


Our second owner of our partner duo is Tito Alexander is an interregnal part of our team as our grounds keeper & Entertainment Guide.  Tito has a passion for music and is amazingly eclectic. His love for music was fueled while he was being classically trained as a child.  Tito sang with the barber shoppers as a young man then grew to have his own band as he became older.  Though his rock & roll days are over you may get him to jam with you in the music room if the mood is right.  


Mission Statement

Our mission is simple. Our goal is to provide a safe happy comfortable environment. Your true home away from home.

Company policies

*We retain the right to refuse service for any reason at anytime.

*Guns-Though we respect your right to bear arms we respectfully ask that you do the same and leave your weapons in your car. Yes you are probably very responsible but we have small children in the home and accidents can happen.  We do not take responsibility if tragedy strikes due to a guest negligence

*Events/Parties- All events or parties must be booked and planned in advance prior to your visit.  We have our own house caterers and event coordinator as well.  If you like our venue yet are coming with your own staffers a small additional charge may apply if they are not on our approved vendors list.

*Pets-A Pet fee of $20 will be applied for each furry friend that joins you on your trip.  Being good pet owners we expect you to clean up after your pets.  Please curb your animal or additional cleaning fees may be applied 

House Rules-Please review all house rules before you book with us.  we don't want to have any difficulties due to negligence

Tronette Alexander

With over 24 years of culinary experience, Alexander is eminently qualified to create beautiful food, be it desserts or entrees. She has worked in every food service position, learning restaurants inside and out. She has impressed with her imaginative, beautiful desserts in just the short time she has been on the job. Her natural curiosity keeps her busy trying new twists on recipes. In fact, she has a book bag of cookbooks with her everywhere she goes. As a former Executive Chef, she knows how to manage food cost, project labor needs, create menus, control ordering, inventory, scheduling, and costing. Because she has worked with chefs of multiple nationalities, she has a broad knowledge of international cuisine. She speaks Spanish and some Thai. Alexander prefers a collaborative management style, building a team approach. Trained in Classical French cuisine, she says she has a passion for food with a flair for fusion. She also confesses to a deep-seated love for comfort food. Judging from the appearance of her creations, Alexander clearly relishes the artistic side of her job. And everybody else enjoys her creations! 


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